Darn babies

You know the part where the blogger makes the lame excuse that they are so tired that their eyes are crossing? That’s me. Only it’s not sounding like such a lame excuse anymore.

I have been very busy with work, work and more work. But what about all this time I’ve got with Auggie in preschool, you ask? Well, it’s time that I spend making calls, answering emails and listening to the Dave Ramsey show. I’m finding it nearly impossible to focus enough to actually sit down and compose articles. I totally forgot how distracting darn babies can be! Of course, Elliott is distracting in the cutest ways possible. He wrinkles up his nose when he smiles! And he laughs now, too! I spend at least two hours a day actively trying to make him laugh. Which never works, of course.

Auggie came out of preschool today wearing the cutest Christopher Columbus ship hat. Was it the Nina, the Pinta or the Santa Maria, you think?