I dunno, what do you want for supper?

So today I finally feel like I’m starting to shake off the cobwebs. Because, you know, the first day you declare “Pajama Day” is pretty fun and novel and all, but the next day, when you still aren’t dressed, it’s not “Pajama Day” anymore. And your toddler is starting to smell a little funny.

It was weird, though, because I really do feel like I walked around in a daze for most of this week. I didn’t clean, I barely kept up with the laundry (baby’s diapers don’t wash themselves, you know) and it’s really hard to remember the last meal I actually cooked. On the stove. With ingredients and stuff.

When I pushed “send” for the last time today, I totally breathed a sigh of relief. I mean, yes, I still have a ton of work to finish this weekend, but no more today. Even though it was 15 minutes until Auggie’s naptime, we hit the road for Bread Company and the bank. Good times. Even the sheets got changed!

Tim and I got to take Elliott out to the NLCS game Wednesday night, which was a ton of fun, but didn’t help the fatigue factor much. I had been feeling really guilty about not taking Auggie with us, but he chose to stay home with Grandma Libby and play. And then, when we got home that night, Tim took his temperature and he had a 103 degree fever. (You were right, Grandma! He was warm! I should listen to Grandmas more often. Especially when they’ve raised five boys.)

We’ve been riding the fever rollercoaster ever since. Give him some Motrin when the temp goes up, and watch Auggie perk up as the fever goes down. About six or eight hours later as the Motrin wears off, watch Auggie’s eyes go glassy and be prepared to start carrying him around like a baby again. In typical Beth-fashion, I couldn’t decide if his symptoms (high fever, runny nose (mostly just cloudy, not green or anything), oozy eye) were enough to warrant a trip to the pediatrician’s today. And now it’s the weekend, so I’m sure that he’ll wake up with a full-blown sinus infection tomorrow.

But, hey, at least I got dressed today.