New Pictures!

Bookerdog – Picture Catalog There are new pictures up in the picture catalog. We have an enormous backlog, but then again, that’s kinda true in a lot of areas of our lives right now. Still though, I’ve done some work to the plumbing of our picture pages and things should run a bit more smoothly now. I’ve reduced the overhead on our machine enormously, so you should get better performance.

Most of these latest photos were taken with our relatively new Canon S60 camera. While it’s taken some time to get used to, the resulting images are a lot of fun. And for some reason, despite being taken from a 5 megapixel camera, the compressed images that we present to you are even smaller than the ones taken with our old 2MP Sony. Anyway, I thought you should know. If it’s been a while since you’ve browsed the photos.

And yes, there are a few new ones of Elliott, though not as many as you would probably like. Don’t worry, there’s still over 300 pictures and 3 months to cover. You’ll get your fill of little baby goodness.