Who can I talk to about adding a few extra hours to the day? Seriously, now, can’t we do something about this? It’s like the electoral college: everybody talks about it, but nobody ever proposes any legislation trying to change it.

Or maybe I just need a couple more hours of napping from my children during the day.

I’m circling the drain here, people. Maybe if I sleep on top of my copy of Getting Things Done, I’ll get some gumption via osmosis. If that works, tomorrow I’ll be trying to get comfortable atop a pile some three feet tall of all the stuff that needs doing. That pile would include: 6 inches of project notes, my keyboard (for all the email and stuff I need to write), my Swiffer, the dogs’ veterinarian Dr. King (Tim, you don’t mind, do you?), my razor (again, my apologies, dear), my running shoes, my favorite facial mask and a box of thank you cards.

At least the laundry is under control.

Am I projecting? This whole election deal threw me for a bit of a loop.