That last title was about the Da Vinci Code

This is totally bizarre — I’m going on at least three full nights of rest here! I almost don’t know what to do with all of this alertness. I mean, waking up all on my own? Without having to hit the ground running? Crazy.

I am enjoying my Christmas vacation, even though I wasn’t really planning on taking much of a vacation. It just seems that all of my clients and contacts are on vacation, meaning that I am too, I guess. It’s nice having the extra time to bake cookies and play with the boys’ new toys.

Speaking of which, the guys made out like bandits this year. So much for “we want them to know the true meaning of Christmas, so we’ll just get them a couple of gifts.” As if that is possible with two adorable boys. Even if you (the parents) only get them a couple of gifts, everyone else is going to get them one too. So by the end of Christmas morning, your three year old is numbly ripping off paper, only wanting desperately to actually play with that cool toy he opened five presents ago. Looking back, we should have meted them out over the course of the day, or several days for that matter. Look, kids, it’s Christmas and Hanukkah rolled into one! Except instead of the oil lasting eight days, it’s Thomas-related toys!

Elliott seemed unfazed by the holiday proceedings. Although he is completely bonkers over the baby basketball hoop that Tim’s brother Jim’s family got him.

So thanks to everyone who got them gifts. They were all big hits. (And Aunt Jennie, just you wait until you have a wee one yourself. It’s pay back time!)

It snowed a foot in my hometown last week, then the temperatures plummeted so none of the snow melted. Meaning that we didn’t get to my grandma’s house for Christmas. Which sucked. Yes, it was nice having the day at home for the boys to enjoy their new toys and such, but I missed my crazy family. And my grandma’s chicken and dumplings. Sigh.

Moving on, today was just a stellar day for my boy Auggie. We hosted his playgroup and he was pretty much a fantastic host. Even when he got bullied by a not-yet two year old. And now that both of his bottom front teeth are in, Elliott’s mood has improved quite a bit. So I’m hoping that tomorrow is going to be fun again.

Tim is very excited because we got the title for his car in the mail today. This was pretty much the last thing we were waiting for after paying off his car. It feels so good, knowing that we OWN it now. With the invoices I’ve got out now, we should have my car paid off by the end of February. Sweet!

We’re coming for you next, credit card.