Oh, hey, yeah — I have a blog!

Life continues to rocket past me. I’m just trying to hang on.

Tonight, we were driving home and we passed a house that was Griswold-esque in its Christmas decor. I asked Auggie, ‘Is that house wack or what?’ And he said, ‘Mommy, that house is wacky.’ That’s my boy from the suburbs. But Mommy’s from the streets!

Let’s see… News… Oh! We paid off Tim’s car earlier this month! And, with the invoices I’ve got out, we should have mine paid off by February. That leaves one final debt (other than the house), that should be paid off by May, if we stay on this pace. That’s five months earlier than we planned!

I’m such a nerd about this finance stuff, Tim gave me a membership to the “My Total Money Makeover” site. It’s got some pretty good budgeting software there, forums for other nerds and lots of DR (that’s Dave Ramsey to you non-nerds) content.

Also, our friends Dan, Heidi and their daughter Jillian welcomed their new son, Miles, into the world today. Can’t wait to meet you, Miles! Congratulations, guys! Your LONG pregnancy is finally over! And you get a baby!

We slogged our way through a month of colds, emerging with some hacking coughs (Elliott) and a minor ear infection (Auggie). Elliott continues to grow at an astounding pace, and he’s been sitting up on his own for a couple of weeks now. He can scoot backwards and rolls back and forth with ease. Sigh. It’s only a matter of time before the boy’s mobile.

Now, it’s December the 16th and I have completed 0 Christmas cards. Aw, crap. Every day, more and more cards come in the mail and I’ve got nothing. Plus there’s this scarf that I was wanting to finish for my mom for Christmas… Crap!

But I had to take a few minutes to update you, my gentle readers, about the sheer banality of my life.

BTW, The Da Vinci Code? Meh.