Woo hoo. 30.

Sorry that I can’t get too excited about my birthday. It was a fun day and night prior. My mom came up to watch the boys while Tim and I went out for coffee (the Starbucks affliction continues) and a movie (The Incredibles). The mix of coffee, popcorn, Milk Duds and Diet Pepsi gave me a genuine tummy ache. See, kids?

Thanksgiving was good, too. Only one minor family altercation, which is too depressing to elaborate on.

Man, I’m tired, can you tell? You’re probably even asleep by now!

I wish that I had more exciting news. Um, we’re planning to pay off Tim’s car next week. That’s exciting, right? That leaves my car and the credit card left until we’re debt-free (except for the house). Holy cow. I’m pretty proud of us.

I hope that I can write something more upbeat next time.

Happy birthday, Jane!