Sorry it’s been so long, long, long since I’ve posted! Nothing major has come up, I promise. It’s just life being life, I guess, along with each day seemingly passing faster than the last.

One of my friends just asked me how the events of last week impacted me now that I have a child. I recounted the complete strangeness of last Tuesday: looking at the television in horror and sorrow, then looking down at my amazing new son, whom I can’t help but smile at. All I could do was pray, which is pretty much all I’ve been able to do since he’s been here anyway.

On a lighter note, we’re headed squarely into 6-week growth-spurt land. He’s eating like a madman, and every time I look at him, I swear that he looks bigger!

The frustrating part is that every time my breastmilk supply is about to catch up with him and we are barely using any formula supplements, he hits a growth spurt and I’m back playing “catch-up.” But I’m trying not to let it get me down. I mean, thank goodness formula exists for inept mothers like me!

Another big milestone: Yesterday, both Tim and I got smiled at. For real! They’re genuine, ‘Hey! I know you and I think you’re funny!’ smiles! And he is a stunner, thank you.

He is losing the hair on the top of his head, though, bringing him dangerously close to being mistaken for Ed Asner. But the books say that they don’t keep their newborn hair forever. I’m just hoping he regrows it faster than I did as a baby. My brother called me Kojack until I was 2. I always did like suckers…

I go to my doctor’s this week for the dreaded six-week postpartum checkup. It’s not all that dreaded, actually, because I feel absolutely great. I even tried on some prepreggo jeans yesterday for grins, but I’m not quite there yet. It will be interesting to see how much of the 29 and a half pounds that I gained during the pregnancy is gone.

Other random notes: I love this weather! Autumn is my all-time favorite season. We’ve been going outside a lot, spending evenings at the coffeehouse, going to friends’ houses for barbecues, etc. We even had to go out and buy some warm clothes for August! I thought he’d be out of his newborn stuff by the time the weather got cold.

He’s up to almost nine pounds now, for those of you keeping track at home. Tim wants to see how long he is, too, because he’s absolutely exploded, growth-wise.

I apologize for the unorganized babbling, folks. To tell you the truth, everything just has to come out stream-of-consciousness because you never know when your free time is about to end…

One favor: Can you take a minute and say a little prayer for peace for us? I really don’t want August to have to worry about all of this, to grow up in a country at war, to possibly be drafted some day. One thing I’m overwhelmed by in all of this is everyone’s reaching out to total strangers, eager to share what they have. This isn’t a time to be angry or vengeful. It’s a time for sorrow and more than a little hope that tomorrow will be better. Thanks.