Written last night (because the network was down):

Our Internet connection is down currently, and it’s storming like all get-out, so I thought I’d do a little updating to the ole blog.

Auggie is still working on getting the walking thing going. He’ll surprise us with a couple of steps here and there. Basically, there’s no telling when he’ll go for it, so I haven’t caught him on tape yet.

And for those of you who were concerned about his health last week, the fever was gone by the next morning. Then, the drooling began, so I guess he’s teething. It was a pretty big relief for me, because I was terrified that he had infected his playgroup with a terrible virus. Whew!

I’m listening to NPR’s “Talk of the Nation” where they’re discussing the benefits of breastfeeding. I was actually surprised when they said that 60% of women in the US breastfeed. I know that the statistic drops to 35% past 6 months. This is compared to 90% in European countries.

I’m glad that no one has been negative so far. I must say that I haven’t had one negative experience while I’ve been nursing Auggie thus far. (Knocking wood.) We’ve nursed all over the place, too. People are very positive. I don’t know why I expected bad things. Perhaps because people are more apt to speak of negative experiences than positive ones, maybe? I don’t know.

I love the way Neil Conan says “breastfeeding” — so perky! And it’s great that the guests have been so openly saying that formula is inferior to breastfeeding. And that it’s cheaper. And that it is a wonderful experience for both moms and babies. And that it should help you get more rest, not make you more exhausted.