Dang. I forgot what I was going to say.

Oh! Now I remember!

As Tim put it, “Your two-year ovary odyssey is over.” That’s a tasteful way of say that I am a member of the Tampax club again. Boo… I was pretty surprised by the whole thing this evening. I mean, the last time was back in October of 2000. October of 2000! Of course, the four weeks of postpartum bleeding help to make up for the lost periods…

I think Tim was thinking that I would be more emotional about it. You know, the whole lamenting another sign that Auggie is getting older thing, etc. I guess I thought I’d be more upset as well. But I’m not. It was almost like the return of an old friend. That just kinda sounds wrong, but, hey, I can’t help what I feel.

I’ll move on…

Auggie has infected his play group! I was bombarded with e-mails today about how everyone’s babies have been sick over the weekend with 102 degree fevers! Egads! Luckily, they have kindly decided to not ostracize us (for Auggie’s sake only, I’m sure). Actually, it seems that a virus is going around with these symptoms and everyone seems to be getting it. I’m still not totally convinced that he was sick, since he was totally fine the next day. The drooling has tapered off, though, with no evidence of new teeth.

So Auggie and I ran around all day (read, I drug him around all day) and ended up selling a load of baby clothes and such at Kangaroo Kids and using the proceeds to help offset the cost of a new bike trailer for Auggie’s birthday! This is actually more of a gift for Tim, so he can get back to riding his bike regularly and not feel guilty about not spending time with the boy. Auggie seemed nonplussed during his inaugural ride, but here’s hoping that he grows to love it.

This evening was also my first time back on a bike in, well, almost 2 years. (No, the coincidence of the two events is not lost on me.) I was pretty “wobbly” as Tim put it. However, he was gracious enough to blame it on the bike’s frame “stretching me out” too far. Thanks, honey. I’m just pretty unsteady on bicycles as a general rule. At least I didn’t fall down this time.

Thanks to Heidi’s husband Dan, who forwarded Webster’s word of the day for July 15: august! I suppose I should print it out and put it in his baby book.